Dharavi Redevelopment Project Survey Underway, 105 Houses Covered

This survey, orchestrated in collaboration with the Maharashtra government and Adani Realty, is poised to lay the groundwork for the long-awaited rejuvenation of Dharavi.

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Nestled within Mumbai's bustling landscape, Dharavi stands as a testament to both the challenges and resilience of urban life in Asia. As one of the continent's largest slums, it encapsulates a vibrant community striving amidst adversity. For years, the aspiration to revitalize this iconic locality has been a shared vision, and now, with the Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP) gaining traction, a transformative chapter in urban renewal is unfolding.


In a significant stride towards the metamorphosis of Mumbai's renowned Dharavi, the Dharavi Redevelopment Project Private Limited (DRPPL) has embarked on a comprehensive survey to gather pivotal data from the inhabitants of the area.

This survey, orchestrated in collaboration with the Maharashtra government and Adani Realty, is poised to lay the groundwork for the long-awaited rejuvenation of Dharavi.

On the inaugural day of the survey, an impressive tally of approximately 105 residences was documented, signifying a crucial milestone in this ambitious endeavor. SVR Srinivas, the Officer on Special Duty at DRPPL, underscored the significance of this survey, asserting its pivotal role in shaping all forthcoming development endeavors in Dharavi. Each dwelling is being assigned a distinctive identification number, streamlining data organization and facilitating strategic planning for rehabilitation initiatives.

The survey, which commenced from Kamla Raman Nagar near Matunga station (Western Railway), incorporates cutting-edge Lidar technology for laser mapping of alleyways, ensuring thorough coverage of the locality. Meticulously trained teams, armed with state-of-the-art equipment, are traversing every residence to amass socio-economic data, heralding a crucial stride towards realizing the vision of a 'Digital Dharavi' – an innovative digital archive of the world's largest slum settlements.

SVR Srinivas, CEO of DRP, accentuated the inclusive ethos underpinning the project, affirming that even occupants residing in the upper echelons of shanties will be integrated into the redevelopment blueprints. He urged residents to furnish accurate details, facilitating a seamless and efficacious survey process.

The survey, slated for completion within eight months, excluding the monsoon season, is poised to focus on digital document digitization and holistic socio-economic evaluations. The amassed data will play a pivotal role in delineating criteria for rehabilitation eligibility and shaping the future trajectory of Dharavi.

Encompassing an expanse of 2.8 square kilometers, Dharavi is a thriving hub of informal leather and pottery industries, providing livelihoods to over one lakh individuals. The redevelopment endeavor envisions a metamorphosis of this locale into a constellation of high-rise structures, accompanied by enhanced urban infrastructure, resettling 68,000 denizens and fostering economic prosperity.

Amidst the ongoing survey, stakeholders harbor optimism regarding the project's potential to redefine urban living paradigms in Mumbai.

With an unwavering commitment to transparency and community involvement, the Dharavi Redevelopment Project sets an exemplary precedent in slum revitalization and urban revitalization, heralding a brighter tomorrow for Dharavi's residents and the city as a whole.