ICCC Delegation Invites Gujarat CM For The Gala

The delegation headed by ICCC President Murarilal Thapliyal aims to elevate Indo-Canada trade relations combining Canadian innovation with Indian creativity. ICCC invites Gujarat CM To Gala As They Reach Mid Way

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Bhupendra Singh

Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel

In a display of international cooperation and economic diplomacy, the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) heralded the ambitious India Mission 2024. Under the leadership of President Murarilal Thapliyal, the delegation made significant advancements in fortifying the Indo-Canadian economic nexus. The journey thus far has spanned Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru, each location weaving its unique thread into this tapestry of international partnership. 

Since its inception in 1977, the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce has stood as a bastion of trade relations between Canada and India. One of the key focuses of the ICCC is to accelerate the pace and momentum of bilateral trade and commerce between India and Canada. 

Initiated by India's storied capital and the epicenter of its political saga, the delegation ventured on a series of high-caliber dialogues with preeminent policymakers and business magnates at FICCI, NITI AAYOG and India Chamber Of Commerce. 

Niti Ayog

Mr. Thapliyal stated, “‘This year, our mission is focused on enhancing sector-specific trade and business. As the Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC), one of Canada's most established organizations, we are at the forefront of technological innovation. Our goal is to share our technological expertise with the burgeoning market in India, fostering a mutually beneficial economic relationship.”’

He further added, “The current dynamic between India and Canada can be likened to experiencing turbulence during a flight. Just as turbulence causes a momentary shake-up but doesn't deter a pilot from persisting and steering the plane out of it, similarly, we should adopt the role of pilots for India and Canada. Our aim is to navigate through these challenging times and work towards smoothing out the fluctuations in our bilateral relations”.

Bengaluru, A Crucible Of Synergistic Ventures

In the bustling innovation hub of Bengaluru, known for its dynamic tech and startup ecosystem, the delegation was graciously received at the World Trade Center by Managing Director Vineet Verma. 

Continuing its India mission, the ICCC delegation visited the Karnataka Digital Economy Mission. There, they met with Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, CEO, and Siddhartha Anand, Vice President of Startup and Innovation. Mr. Gupta shared insights into Karnataka's burgeoning startup scene, particularly Bengaluru's remarkable growth story. 

This revelation was particularly exciting for the delegates, who learned that Bengaluru is now recognized as the “GCC Capital” of the world. ICCC Corporate Secretary and Vice President Chirag Shah shared insights into Canada's thriving AI ecosystem and discussed collaborative opportunities between the incubators and startup ecosystems of India and Canada. The day concluded with an engaging session hosted by the Jain International Trade Organization’s Bangalore chapter. 

The ICCC delegation's visit to Bengaluru culminated with a meeting at the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI). The FKCCI, with a history dating back to the Mysore Chamber of Commerce founded in 1916, warmly welcomed the delegates. This meeting resulted in an agreement to collaborate and promote the tourism and startup ecosystems between Karnataka and Canada. This collaboration is expected to unlock new avenues for trade and commerce for members of both chambers, fostering a stronger bilateral relationship between the two regions.

Cementing Bonds With Gujarat’s Leadership 

In Ahmedabad, the mission gained monumental impetus through a dialogue with the Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Bhupendrabhai Patel. President Murarilal Thapliyal and his delegates lauded the Chief Minister's visionary stewardship, which has propelled Gujarat's ascendancy as an investment haven. The discussions illuminated prospects in GIFT City and the burgeoning tourism sector, with ICCC's Mr. Chirag Shah highlighting collaborative potentials. 

Mr. Thapliyal invited Hon. CM to be the Chief Guest of the ICCC Gala event in Summer 2024.

As the delegation advances to ensuing destinations, the ICCC's commitment to deepening Canada-India economic ties remains unshaken. The success achieved thus far is a harbinger of bountiful collaborations and partnerships awaiting realization. The ICCC extends profound gratitude to all visionaries, organizations, and individuals instrumental in this mission's success, vowing to continue this journey with an unwavering spirit of collaboration and mutual growth.