Decoding Laadli Behna Yojna, Its Implementation and Impact

Backed by meticulous planning and rapid implementation, this scheme is set to redefine financial support and skill development for women across the state.

Srajan Girdonia
New Update
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Madhya Pradesh takes a leap toward women empowerment with the Laadli Behna Yojana, a transformative initiative launched by the state government to uplift women economically. Backed by meticulous planning and rapid implementation, this scheme is set to redefine financial support and skill development for women across the state.

Policy Highlights and Laadli Behna Yojana

The 2023-24 Madhya Pradesh Budget unveils schemes like the food subsidy initiative for backward tribes, apprenticeship programs for youth, and enhancements in electricity infrastructure. However, the standout program remains the Laadli Behna Yojana, a groundbreaking endeavour to empower women financially.

This scheme aims to financially bolster women by providing monthly assistance of Rs. 1,000, up to Rs. 12,000 annually. Designed to promote self-reliance, it extends beyond monetary aid, offering educational support, skill development training, and housing assistance to eligible women.

Implementation: A Herculean Effort

The scheme's successful execution owes credit to a dedicated team of 40 members, achieving the feat of registering 1.25 crore women in just 100 days. Utilizing the Aadhaar database streamlined the process, ensuring efficient and accurate distribution of assistance.

Amid political rhetoric, the Laadli Behna Yojana emerged as a pivotal move, demonstrating its potential to sway women voters. While political adversaries debated the monthly assistance amount, the scheme's tangible impact on women's lives took precedence.

Why Laadli Behna Works

Beyond political posturing, Laadli Behna addresses critical issues faced by women in Madhya Pradesh. Data highlights alarming statistics—low ownership of property, mobile phones, and dismal representation in the workforce. This scheme stands as a beacon of hope, offering financial autonomy and a pathway to better healthcare and livelihoods for women.

Budget Analysis 2023-24: Key Insights

The budget analysis report by PRS Legislative Research sheds light on Madhya Pradesh's fiscal outlook for the upcoming year. Anticipating a 5% growth in the GSDP, the budget allocates percentages to crucial sectors—47% to agriculture, 19% to manufacturing, and 34% to services—with a per capita GSDP estimated at Rs 1,37,339.

The budget forecasts a 12% increase in total expenditure (excluding debt repayment) compared to the previous fiscal year, reaching Rs 2,81,552 crore. Concurrently, total receipts (excluding borrowings) are estimated to increase by 11% to Rs 2,25,843 crore.

Deficits and Debt Management

Estimates reveal a slim revenue surplus of Rs 413 crore (0.03% of GSDP) and a fiscal deficit of Rs 55,708 crore (4% of GSDP) in 2023-24. Meanwhile, outstanding liabilities are expected to remain at 30% of GSDP.

As Laadli Behna Yojana continues to evolve, its impact on women's lives reverberates across the socio-economic fabric of Madhya Pradesh. The scheme not only champions women's empowerment but also signifies a paradigm shift in policymaking—a testament to the state's commitment to inclusive growth.