Prime Minister Narendra Modi Calls for Climate Justice and Unveils India's Environmental Policy Focus

Policy Puzzles: PM Modi underscored India's efforts in expanding its telecom networks and enhancing its forest cover while consistently addressing the issue of single-use plastic.

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a video message on World Environment Day, emphasizing the importance of climate justice and India's commitment to environmental sustainability. He highlighted the adverse consequences faced by developing nations due to the misguided policies of some developed countries, urging all nations to prioritize the global climate above self-interest. Modi also underscored India's efforts in expanding its telecom networks and enhancing its forest cover, while consistently addressing the issue of single-use plastic.

Climate Justice and the Consequences of Wrong Policies:

Modi expressed concern over the prevailing development model followed by certain advanced nations, where environmental considerations were secondary to their own progress. He stated that although these countries achieved their development goals, the global environment paid the price for it. Modi emphasized that the developing and poor countries are still grappling with the consequences of these policies. He commended India for raising the issue of climate justice with these advanced nations, advocating for a collective responsibility to address the challenges faced by the world.

India's Environmental Focus:

Highlighting India's commitment to the environment, Modi asserted that India places equal importance on environmental concerns as it does on other areas of growth. He drew attention to India's significant efforts in expanding its 4G and 5G telecom networks alongside its efforts to enhance forest cover. The prime minister emphasized that India has been working consistently over the past four to five years to address the issue of single-use plastic, even before it gained global attention. India implemented a two-pronged approach by banning single-use plastic and making plastic waste processing mandatory. Modi highlighted India's focus on green and clean energy over the past nine years.

World Environment Day and India's Participation:

World Environment Day, organized annually on June 5 by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), serves as the largest global platform for environmental awareness and outreach. Modi's message was delivered in commemoration of this day, underscoring India's active participation in addressing global environmental challenges. By taking proactive measures, India aims to set an example for other nations in promoting sustainability and environmental protection.