Automakers Grapple with Excess Stock Despite Festive Sales Surge

FADA, sounded the alarm, urging manufacturers to curtail dispatches and introduce enticing schemes to mitigate the record-high inventory in the channel.

Srajan Girdonia
New Update

The aftermath of the festive season in India has left the automotive industry grappling with an unprecedented surge in inventory levels. Despite a robust sale of over 10 lakh units during the three-month festive spree, dealerships are still burdened with a substantial backlog of vehicles, posing challenges to the sector's year-end projections.

Senior executives, shed light on the current scenario, revealing an estimated stock of approximately 3.23 lakh units across the industry. This glut translates to an inventory equivalent to about 30 days' worth of sales—an alarming figure compared to the usual three-week stock typically observed across dealerships.

Post-Festive Season Hangover

Automakers had anticipated strong festive sales, dispatching 3.90 lakh vehicles to dealerships in October. However, the surplus inventory has lingered, hindering the anticipated reduction in stocks. Dealerships prefer a leaner inventory towards the year-end as buyers often delay purchases, seeking the latest models.

The Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA), the apex body for auto retail, sounded the alarm, urging manufacturers to curtail dispatches and introduce enticing schemes to mitigate the record-high inventory in the channel. FADA President Manish Raj Singhania emphasized the urgency, stating that unless vehicle dispatches drop to around 3.25 lakh units in November, the industry could face financial repercussions from excessive unsold stock by year-end.

Regional Disparities and Production Adjustment

Reports indicate a regional disparity in sales performance. While north India witnessed a stronger surge in car sales ahead of Bhai Dooj in November, southern and western markets experienced a slowdown, particularly in entry-level car segments. This regional variation might prompt carmakers to consider production adjustments, potentially affecting certain models—an action not seen since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The looming challenge of surplus inventory at dealerships poses a critical obstacle for the automotive sector's year-end targets. Automakers are under pressure to strategically manage dispatches and introduce compelling offers to clear out excess stock, ensuring financial stability before the close of the calendar year.

As the industry navigates these uncharted waters, all eyes are on November's dispatch figures, with stakeholders hoping for a significant reduction in vehicle shipments to alleviate the burden on dealerships and avert potential financial fallout.

The excess inventory issue has raised concerns and cast a shadow on the industry's immediate future, warranting decisive action from manufacturers to rebalance the market and safeguard against economic strain caused by bloated unsold stock.