The Menace Of Deep Fakes In 2024

From PM Modi to Katrina Kaif, everyone, and even elections in 40 countries across the world, are susceptible to the new menace of Artificial Intelligence fakes. Thus starts a series of articles on how to deal with a 21st-century threat.

Sujit Chakraborty
New Update


Rashmika Mandana, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif… the list of celebrities who wish to stay in the social media limelight is long. But they wish to do that their own way, CHOOSING to portray themselves within their sovereign personal rights.

But what happens when someone ‑ using the minacious power of Artificial Intelligence ‑ postures these celebrities in a crass and false manner? That is a global threat today, especially because not less that 40 countries across the world are facing national polls the coming year. And that includes India.

Does anyone have the right to cheat either Alia, or Rashmika, or even Mamata Banerjee or Narendra Modi even when as they are unaware till their genuine followers hit back on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Telegraph?


Take another video that came on my Facebook ‘Reels” bracket… 

“All the educational certificates of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are fake…” thus spake – supposedly – Union Home Minister Amit Shah. 

I watched this Reel a few times, and then I realised that this was a straight cheat…  

My Deep Fake Quest

Being a 64-year-old tech-illiterate fogy, I called up a lad half my age and asked him to explain the Amit Shah ‘revelation’.  

I did so because it seemed to me that that video had been sliced.  

It may be that Amit Shah had been saying that “The opposition has alleged that all the educational certificates of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are fake…” and he must have concluded by denying that allegation. 

But the front part… The opposition has alleged that… and the concluding denial… had been sliced off to give the impression that Shah has stated that all of Modi’s certificates are fakes... he never had said that. 

“Sir,” my younger friend explained, very patiently, out of not-wanting-to-hurt Uncle Sujit, “this is what is called a shallow fake.” 

“Shallow Fake?” I screamed in utter disbelief. “Fake is a fake is a fake. Shallow or not. Kuch aur bhi fake hota hai kya?” 

Deep Fake

“Kaa Sor… sathiya gaye hain aap, kaa… Deep Fake aap jantey nahin hain? Yeh Shah wala to sirf shallow fekwa hai… Deep Fekwa ka naam nahin jantey hain? 

But the matter goes farther, much farther than it has so far… 2024… from Algeria to South Sudan, from Austria to the European Union, from India to the Solomon Islands in Oceania… there shall be vital national elections. And suddenly, someone using AI can show Modi saying: “Vote for Mamata” or Mamata saying “Vote for Modi’, and how would you find out? 

AI has excellent applications on the world of medicine, especially surgery and other industrial applications and projects. But in the hands of the delinquent, it can be a vicious tool of untruths.

That will be the tool in the hands of those political delinquents. For Kaif, Mandana, Bhatt et al can remake their worlds after suing the criminals. But elections lost of won can make or break a nation.

You may not believe this, but it is like Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not”… the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth… as one would have to swear in a court of law. 

Deep Fake is the biggest threat to democracy in India. For be it Hollywood, Bollywood or the Indian ‘Poliwood’ (all that political showmanship), minacious ‘fun lovers will keep on doing this, if just to get some Google and YouTube money from millions of “Followers” 

And if you take even a minimal pride in being an Indian worth his or her salt in crafting our future, you better sit down and read as to what is the 21st century’s biggest threat: ‘artificial intelligence’ architecture that can help you cure your brain cancer but equally leave you braindead! 

“Deep Fake is the ultimate Weapon of Mass Disruption. Artificial Intelligence has massive potential in the world of science and medicine. But like any tech move forward, this can also be a stiletto. 

So what is it, and has mankind arrested its own future by wanting to play God? The Indian government is deeply concerned, and desirous of signing a protective system inti he statute books.

So we take a deep dive into the perilous world of Deep Fakes.

Next up: Deep Fake… Man Playing God…. read on…)