Ishita Kishore’s Hard Work, Consistency Pays Off, As She Tops UPSC CSE 2022

Ishita cracked the UPSC CSE 2022 on her third attempt. She chose PSIR as her optional for she knew she could use her writing skills to her advantage.

Bhakti Kothari
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Under a hot scorching summer sun, the UPSC CSE results were announced around 1.30 pm, bringing great joy to some while the end of anticipation to others. As the entire nation waited with bated breath since morning, the results published on the Commission’s website, once more showed that women have taken the top 3 spots and one more as bonus.

One name that stood out was Ishita Kishore’s, who has obtained the coveted All India Rank-1, making her the top scorer in the country’s most coveted and challenging examination. Indian Masterminds exclusively spoke with her to know more about her preparation and the exquisite feeling of being the UPSC CSE 2022 topper!

UPSC Journey

Growing up, Ishita’s constant desire has been to make a difference in her nation. She knew the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) was the key to her aspirations. With unwavering determination, she embarked on her journey to crack the toughest examination in the country.

The BA (Honours) graduate from Delhi University worked tirelessly on her studies, methodically covering each subject and thoroughly comprehending the delicate details. She sought advice from seasoned mentors, such as IPS officer Mahesh Bhagwat, and honed her knowledge and abilities.

“I took Political Science and International Relations as my optional subject as I found it interesting and understood that I could write a lot. I used my writing skills to my advantage and decided to go for it,” she told Indian Masterminds.


Ishita, an Economics graduate, failed the civil services exams twice. But it was her perseverance and never-give-up attitude that actually distinguished her. She remained focused and determined despite countless hurdles and disappointments.

Ishita, whose hobby includes Madhubani Paintings, put in immense hard work and kept going. She gradually cleared her examinations and reached the Interview stage, where she was asked questions related to her sports background.

A national-level football player herself, Ms. Kishore, was asked how she would use her sports experience to help in administration. To which she responded that being a national-level player has helped her to stay consistent, which would be very useful in administration.


Ishita is overjoyed, and she attributes her accomplishment to her family’s unequivocal support apart from her perseverance. Ishita, the daughter of a former Indian Air Force personnel and teacher, and the sister of a lawyer, said, “My mother has been my backbone, and I would really like to thank everyone who was involved in this journey with me.”

Ishita’s future goals include serving the country with maximum responsibility and dedication, no matter where she is placed, now that she has passed the exams and is at the top of the chart. “Since my father was in the Indian Air Force, the idea of serving the country was deeply embedded in me. Civil Services is one of the foremost platforms and I hope that with whatever position of responsibility I am entrusted with in the future, I would be able to live up to it by serving the country to my full capacity,” she shared with Indian Masterminds.


Ishita has a beautiful message for all those aspirants who couldn’t clear this year and all the other future aspirants of civil services. Through Indian Masterminds, she wishes to tell them, “I have been in your place and I know it’s not easy. Cracking the exam takes a lot of energy and can be very exhausting but if you really believe that you can do it and have that sense of self-belief and confidence, you should definitely try as many times as you can.”

She believes every day is a challenge in the life of a UPSC aspirant because of the self-discipline that is expected of them and the hard work that they have to put in without expecting any result but still giving their best and performing well regardless of anything is what makes an aspirant truly special!