This Tax Officer Enjoys Dealing Lyrically

IRS officer Amit Kumar Pandey recently published his collection of poems. Published under his pseudonym Amitbhanu, ‘Kiraye ka Chaand’ is open to interpretation. The Additional Commissioner of Income Tax in Guwahati also loves music, cycling and podcasts.

Bhakti Kothari
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IRS officer Amit Kumar Pandey, who goes by his pseudonym Amitbhanu, recently published a collection of unique short poems with distinct notions about different facets of human life — emotional, philosophical, psychological, social, and personal.

“Abhilasha Amaratwa Ka Ho To// Jeena Mushkil Ho Jata// Jeeta Rehta Nashwar Deh// Aur Amar Man Mar Jaata” — a small example of how Amitbhanu brushed magic on words that ran deep into one’s soul.

Composed at different times, triggered by incidents and thoughts that he was passing through at that instant makes his collection humane and open to interpretation, explains the Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Guwahati, whose first book “Kiraye ka Chaand” came out on April 23.

“My poems are sentimental, appealing, thought-provoking, and humane in nature. Give them a chance and they will be yours forever,” Mr. Amit Kumar Pandey told Indian Masterminds in an exclusive conversation.


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I have written my thoughts as poems because I find poetry more communicative and effective. A lyrical sense present in me motivates my creativity to compose, and it is not just confined to writing,” said the 2010 batch officer currently posted in Guwahati, Assam.

Mr. Pandey, born in Dhamsar village of Bihar’s Saran district, has always had a strong passion for reading, writing and reciting poetry.

Even after he had relocated to Delhi to prepare for the UPSC Civil Service Examinations, he would find time to pen down his thoughts into beautiful poems, some of which were occasionally published in various newspapers and publications.

“My poems are just my thoughts born from striking moments and incidents. I give them words then and there and that is what ‘Kiraye ka Chaand’ is all about,” said the officer, whose lyrical outburst even punctuated his tuition classes when he was just a UPSC aspirant.

Now years later, he decided to recognise his passion and chose to publish his first collection.


The officer, who is often seen on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and podcasts, apart from other social media platforms, believes that poetry is more open to interpretation as compared to prose writing.

According to Amitbhanu, “We are all limited by our own circumstances and writers in us see those limitations as opportunities. But perhaps we are not in touch with ourselves to explore and express ourselves.”

While some writers do not leave much room for their readers to interpret their poems, Amitbhanu almost always gives all the answers on a silver platter. “I like both closed and open patterns and tried to use both circumstances in my poetry,” he said.

Mr. Pandey also loves to sing. “Again, music is a lyrical expression,” adds the officer, who enjoys running, and cycling, among other things.

He especially enjoys singing and reading poetry, which he shares on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and podcasts, among other social media platforms.

The original article was featured in the Indian Mastermind, which is a sister concern of the Processor.